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Q-1) How do I know if I get a sale?
A-1) We have an email notification system in place. As soon as one of your customers makes an eBook purchase from your bookstore you’ll be notified by email for each sale. 


Q-2) How do I know if my online bookstore is making any money?
A-2) After you do a little promoting you’ll need to log into your online bookstores backoffice using the certificate we mailed you.  From your backoffice portal you can check your sales, traffic and daily statistics. You can also modify your personal information (such as your name, address, phone number and email) that appears on your 250+ bookstore sales pages. Here is the login page for your backoffice:  
www.mymegabookstore.com/ppSD2/login.php Your username and password are on the green certificate.

Please be patient while our web departments works diligently to get your bookstore ranked in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Due to the way Google works it can take up to 90 days for your bookstore to appear in the search results. Once your bookstore gets ranked, watch out because the TRAFFIC AND SALES can come fast.  You may be pleasantly surprised.


Q-3) How do I fulfill my orders?
A-3)  We do this for you automatically. Our web server computers will AUTOMATICALLY email the eBook products to your customers so you don’t have to. This new technology is called “Digital Delivery.” You never have to talk to anyone or do any hard work since the eBook sales and fulfillment process is 100% AUTOMATED!


Q-3B) Can I use my own domain name instead of buying one from you?
A-3B)  Yes absolutely. It is not mansatory that you purchase one of our custom domain names.  You can register your own domain name at www.Godaddy.com.  Next, you need to call Godaddy.com at (480) 505-8877 and have them forward your new domain name to your mega online bookstore web address which is printed on the green certificate we mailed you.


Q-4)  Do You have an option to pay a one-time fee instead of paying monthly regarding my web hosting fee for my online bookstores?
A-4) Yes. We have a lifetime V.I.P. membership available for a small one-time payment of $297. You can go online an upgrade to a lifetime V.I.P. anytime by visiting www.fastwealth.com/renew


Q-5) I receivd a letter in the mail saying I needed to update my payment information. What is the
easiest way to update my payment information for my bookstore’s web hosting?

A-5) The fastest and easiest way for our eBook distributors to update their payment information is to do it online at:


Q-6) How do I log into the Members Area to access my 10+ membership benefits worth
over $10,000?

A-6) Visit www.Members.FastWealth.com and login.  Your username and password is required to enter the Members Area. A green certificate was included with your Fast Cash eBook System Membership Kit which reveals your new MEGA ONLINE BOOKSTORE web address AND a username and password that you can use to access our private members only area.  Keep this information in a safe place!


Q-7) I forgot my password.  How do I retrieve it?

A-7) There are a couple ways to do this.  First we recommend locating the green certificate we included with your package.  Unless you have manually changed your password, you can use the one displayed on the green certificate.  If you have tried this and still cannot log-in, please send us a support email at: support@fastwealth.com


Q-8) Do I Have To Own A Computer To Start?
A-8) No! However, you may decide to obtain one soon. Should you decide you need a computer, you can rent one, or use one at your local library, Kinko’s®, friends, etc. Did you know you can buy a brand-new computer for under
$400.00? A company called eMachines (www.emachines.com) sells new computers at low discounted prices and are exactly the same as a Dell® or Sony® computer, just half the cost! However,

IT IS NOT MANDATORY to own a computer with this program. You don’t need a computer to advertise your website. Just because your website is online does not mean you have to limit yourself to only online advertising. Try marketing your online bookstore locally too! See page 66 for a list of low to no cost “offline” advertising methods


Q-9) How Much Money Can I Make?
A-9) The amount of money one can make is solely dependent upon how many methods, funds, time and effort you are willing to invest into your new business. By law, we cannot tell you an exact amount that you will make. We can mention that if you accomplish the above, you have the same opportunity to make as much money as anyone else…maybe more!


Q-10) How will I know when an order has been placed?
A-10) Our email notification system will immediately send you an email as soon as one of your customers makes an eBook purchase from your bookstore.


Q-11) How will I go about attracting people to my online bookstore featuring 250 eBook products?
A-11) Read our step to success chapter starting on PAGE 30 of your manual. We have compiled a secret list of 200 FREE ADVERTISING WEBSITES for you to use as well. You can use these advertising sites immediately. A partial list can be found on page 64. In essence, do everything you can to make things happen and don’t simply do nothing and wait for things to happen! You may also visit our website periodically to learn more about our FREE Internet advertising methods and discover other useful information. Be sure and check out page 66 of your manual for a list of low to no cost “offline” advertising methods.


Q-12) Do I need to upgrade to a GOLD ELITE V.I.P. MEMBER in order to become successful?
A-12) Absolutely not. Unlike most so called “opportunities” available, we provide our members with a real opportunity that is truly unlimited. We offer the GOLD ELITE V.I.P. MEMBERSHIP so that members can take this opportunity as far as they want to go. You must understand that all members can start at the beginning. However, many people have different financial dispositions and may want to start at an advanced level. If you choose not to start at an advanced level, that’s okay, simply begin with what is already included in the materials (that’s all you need) and then you can quickly work your way up to a GOLD ELITE V.I.P. MEMBER if you choose. It’s 100% optional.


Q-13) How do I find out if my online bookstore is online?
A-13) By now you should have noticed that a green certificate was included with your Fast Cash eBook System Membership Kit. This green certificate reveals your new online bookstore webs address. This address provides you with instant access to your online bookstore. If you do not have access to the Internet,
a friend or relative can help you. You can also use the Internet for FREE at your local library. 


Q-14) I can’t find my bookstore online. How do I find it?
A-14) There are two main reasons you wouldn’t be able to access your bookstore. First, make sure you typed the web address (found on your certificate) in your web browsers address bar correctlySecond, do not type your web address into a search engine.  Search engines are designed for searching by keywords and phrases, NOT web addresses.  You need to type the entire bookstore web address exactly as written on your green certificate into the address bar at the top of the page.


Q-15) Can I add my existing product or product line to my online bookstore?
A-15) You can contact our Web Design Department to discuss adding additional products. You can reach them at support@fastwealth.com.


Q-16) I Have A Question Not Mentioned. How Do I Contact Your Offices?
A-16) Please email our office at support@fastwealth.com.  Please keep in mind we are open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm PST.  Depending on where you live there may be a time difference.  We reply to all messages we receive after hours the following business day.


Q-17) How do people order eBooks from my online bookstore?
A-17) A percentage of your visitors will click the order button and use their credit card to place their order online. We will then handle the credit card processing on your behalf. Our web server computers will then AUTOMATICALLY send the product to your customers so you don’t have to. This new technology is called “Digital Delivery.” You never have to talk to anyone or do any hard work since the eBook sales and fulfillment process is 100% AUTOMATED!


Q-18) Does Your Company Have Products Planned For The Future?
A-18) Absolutely! We are continually working with the greatest minds in the industry and developing cutting edge exclusive digital products for our Members to resell. To view our latest releases log into our members area and click the “NEW EBOOK RELEASES” tab at the top of page.


Q-19) Why do people buy eBooks?
A-19) eBooks can provide very useful information just like a book you find in a library and since eBooks are electronic, we can distribute them more easily. Your customer doesn’t have to spend hours searching for a book, doesn’t pay for shipping, and gets his/her eBook immediately rather than having to wait in long lines, or even having to wait for the book to arrive in the mail. It doesn’t cost any money to send eBooks via email plus you can make an unlimited number of copies which allows you to make 100% of the profit after the initial sale.


Q-20) How Much Money Have Other Members Made?
A-20) Some are making larger amounts of money than others. However, there is not an “across the board” answer for all participants as results vary between individuals in terms of time, effort, funds and methods used.


Q-21) How Long Has This Club Been In Existence and How Many Members Are There?
A-21) This club is fairly new and still has a lot of room to grow. I can’t give you an exact number of current Members, as that information is constantly changing. Regardless of how many people get involved, the digital products market currently generates MILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER MONTH! There’s plenty of room for all our eBook distributors.


Q-22) Does The Presence of Other eBook distributors Bookstores or Similar Ad Placements Affect My Business?
A-22) Yes, but in very positive way. Whether other ads or websites are present or not, it really doesn’t matter. However, when there are other ads or sites that are similar to your own in the same given space or near proximity, it adds strong credibility to the offer. Therefore, don’t be concerned in the least bit if you do see that happen, your slice of the “pie” can still be substantial.


Q-23) How Can I Get Started With What Is Already Included In The Initial Package Without Spending The Money On a Custom Domain Name or the Gold Elite V.I.P. Membership?
A23) We’ve provided you with 200 FREE Advertising websites along with pre written classified ads, sales brochures and sales letters that sell each of the eBooks for you. You can also create your own brochures or flyers and place them on bulletin boards, college campuses, laundry rooms, post office or anywhere that people gather. See page 66 of your manual to learn 18 ways you can promote your online bookstore with little to NO MONEY.
CLICK HERE to download
our pre-written brochure that we designed for advertising your online bookstore.


Q-24) What are the requirements to use the eBooks on my computer?
A-24) The eBooks are published in Adobe PDF format.  Adobe PDF is the global standard for trusted distribution
and viewing of information.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the eBooks and is available for FREE at
www.adobe.com. Adobe Acrobat Reader allows your customers to view your eBooks on all operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple’s Macintosh and Linux.  That means anyone worldwide with virtually any computer can buy and use your eBooks.


Q-25) Can I Talk To One of Your Current Members or Someone In My Area?
A-25) We have adopted a “confidentiality clause” which protects the privacy of our members and we will not give out their personal information. This allows our successful Members to focus on making sales and making the most productive use of their time. Our Customer Service Representatives are available (MTTF 8am-5pm PST) to help you any way they can.


Q-26) Do you have a brochure I can use to direct customers to my online bookstore?
A-26) Yes! CLICK HERE to download it. We have a colorful brochure that you can use to tell people about your new online bookstore.  You can view the brochure by turning to page 68 of your manual. Simply enter your contact information and your bookstore’s web address that appears on your green certificate then make copies and you are in business.  For best results, employ the methods on page 66 of your manual to distribute your brochures for little to no money.  You can also download a digital (MS Word) version of our brochure from inside our online members area.  This makes the customization process a breeze.


Q-27) Is there a way to shorten my online bookstore web address since it’s a bit long?
A-27) Yes!  It’s a very simple process to shorten your bookstore link. You either shorten your web address by simply using a custom domain name listed on pages 14 and 15 of your manual. Or if you don’t want to use a custom domain name you can easily shorten your bookstore address for free by visiting www.tinyurl.com.


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